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Jan 14, 2010 at 05:50 PM


---------The Treeman-------------
After a severe Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) infection, Dede Koswara, a 35-year-old Indonesian fisherman, was dubbed the  "tree man" because of the gnarled warts all over his body. He first noticed the warts on his body after cutting his knee as a teenager. Over time, Dede was sacked from his job, deserted by his wife and shunned by neighbours as the horn-like extensions covered much of his body and stopped him working. He has two children. After his case received widespread publicity, donations from the public and government help allowed him to get treatment, and in 2008, six kilos of warts were surgically removed from his body.

---------The Wolfman-------------
Hypertrichosis is a medical condition that causes excessive growth of hair in areas where hair does not normally grow. It

may be present over the entire body, or you could have it in only one or more areas. Some individuals will be born with

the condition and others will develop it later on in life. Congenital Hypertrichosis is very rare. In fact, it is so rare

that there have been only 50 verified cases since the Middle Ages. On 2008, the press interviewed Pruthviraj Patil, an

11-year-old indian boy who's face and body are covered with hair. He rarely leaves his home village in India because of

the cruelty of strangers. Pruthvirajs family has tried homeopathy, traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedies even laser

surgery without success, and he's now appealing to doctors to help him find a permanent cure since even after laser

treatment the hair grows back.

---------The Blueman-------------
A condition caused by the ingestion of silver, the Argyria's most dramatic symptom is that the skin becomes blue or

bluish-grey colored. On 2008, ABC reporters interviewed Paul Karason, 40 year-old who's skin turned blue after he used

colloidal silver to ease his ailments. It started a decade ago, when he saw an ad in a new-age magazine promising health

and rejuvenation through colloidal silver. Karason sent away for a kit for making colloidal silver -- a home brew of

microscopic silver particles suspended in water. For a while, he was drinking at least 10 ounces a day as a cure for

arthritis. "I had arthritis in my shoulders so bad I couldn't pull a T-shirt off. And the next thing I knew, it was just

gone." he explained the media, but these claims have no basis in science and after a couple of months, his whole skin

turned blue. "I kind of hoped it would fade off!" But it didn't fade off. Argyria is permanent.

---------The OldKid-------------
Many of u may have heard of a disease called progeria which is briefly a premature aging. As a result, u can find a 10

year-old child looking physiologically like an 80 year-old person. Usually they die at the age of 15 maximum of

cardiovascular diseases. The importance of this , is that the discovery of the etiology and characteristics of this

disease, can be considered a big leap in the long researchers quest in figuring out the causes and the cure from

cardiovascular disease and this will shed the light more on the processes of aging in general since it's becoming a big

One of these guys is John Tackett who, despite all of his problems, was very happy and thankful for each second he was

spending as if when something is rare, it becomes more valuable. He was also a very good drummer. He died exactly 4 years

ago at the age of 15 but with a maturity of a 50 year-old guy. Anyway, this guy can be me, can be anyone, because life is

short and we never have the time or the chance to do what we want to. We always run out of time.

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