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Dec 22, 2010 at 02:37 PM



This is an amazing and simple scientific experiment featured on the show Mythbusters.  Everyone knows what happens when someone inhales helium, their voice gets high and squeaky for a couple of seconds.  Adam Savage decides to see what happens when he inhales sulfur hexafluoride, which is much denser then air and has the exact opposite effect as helium.  Basically, it will make your voice sound deeper and like you are from the dark side.  This video demonstration is hilarious as Adam inhales both helium and sulfur hexafluoride. This is amazing video from youtube.

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A hilarious clip with Adam. You shouldn't inhale sulfur hexafluoride because its heavy and its pretty hard to get out of the lungs. Also breathing high qualities of helium is dangerous too. And if you don't get enough air your pass out.




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