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Jan 14, 2010 at 05:49 PM


---------Feet facing backwards-------------
Wang Fang, 27, of Chongqing city in China, was born with her feet facing the wrong way. She has learned to live with her condition without problems and recently refused a disability pension by being classified as disabled. "I can run faster

than most of my friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant. There is no reason to class me as


---------The Rubberboy -------------
Five time Guiness Record holder, The Rubberboy is the most flexible man alive and the most famous contortionist. He has

been in many professional basketball or baseball games and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ESPN's Sports Center, Oprah

Winfrey, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Cirque du Soleil, Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Discovery Channel, Men in Black

2, HBO's Carnivale, and CSI: NY and American got a talent. He dislocates his arms to crawl through an unstrung tennis

racquet. He performs contortion handstands and unique acrobatics.

---------World's Largest Hand-------------
Lui Hua suffers from a rare condition known as macrodactyly. When he was hospitalized in Shanghai on July 2007, his left

thumb measured 10.2 inches and his index finger measured close to 12. On July 20 surgeons undertook a seven-hour

operation to reduce the size of Liu's fingers and thumb. Doctors removed 11 pounds of flesh and bone in the procedure. A

second surgery is scheduled to take place. Enlarged limbs can be caused by a number of medical conditions. Lymphedema is

perhaps the most common cause and results in some extraordinarily enlarged limbs.

---------Most Fingers and Toes-------------
Along with Pranamya Menaria, Devendra Harne shares the title of the person with the most Most Fingers and Toes, they are

both indian and have 25 in total (12 fingers and 13 toes) as a result of the condition polydactylism.

---------The Eye Popping Woman-------------
Kim Goodman (USA) can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured


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