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Not so long ago surfing the Internet I came across a female bodybuilding video. To tell the truth, I was quite shocked by it and began searching some additional information about women bodybuilders. It turned out to be a pretty popular topic to discuss. Of course, there are people who consider it to be normal but the vast majority will never understand these women.

Nobody knows why they have chosen such a lifestyle and profession. I’m convinced that every female bodybuilder has strong reasons for it. Among them I could name both negative and positive ones. On the one hand, it can be a serious lack of self-confidence, unattractive looks, any problems and other reasons that can be different for every woman. But on the other hand, women bodybuilders have an opportunity to travel a lot: they visit the most famous and magnificent countries and cities; they are always at the centre of attention, they take part in the world-known contests. In short, female bodybuilders have the lifestyle everybody dreams of. Look at their faces, are they unhappy? Not at all.

BTW, few people know that the first female physique contests date back to 1960s. However, these early “bodybuilding” contests were really not much more than bikini contests. The first female bodybuilding contest where the entrants were judged solely on muscularity was held in 1978. Since then lots of women have got the title of Ms. Olympia or Ms. International.

Some people consider that female bodybuilders are judged the wrong way. While a winner among men is chosen by his muscularity and symmetry, female bodybuilders tend to be judged in part on such criterion as femininity. The thing is the standards are set by men. Moreover, female bodybuilders are often mocked and viewed negatively for not conforming to traditional norms of feminine beauty and gender roles. Well, it’s up to everyone to decide which side to accept: to be for or against female bodybuilders.

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