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This web site consist of selected Very Funny Video from youtube. This funny video will filter by moderator and only the best video only will appear in this site. If the video rating is 6 star it is really funny. I create this web site because, one day I want looking funny video, but my problem, I take long time watching and waste my time watching, "it say funny, but not funny video". So this web site will not waste your time and enjoy your self. You can use filter box and type 6 star, 5 star or 4 star. The 6 star is the most funny video in the world. If not funny you should meet a doctor, it is something wrong with you. :-)

"Research has shown health benefits of laughter will strengthening the immune system to reducing food cravings and increasing one's threshold for pain. For your information, there's even an emerging therapeutic field known as humor therapy to help people heal more quickly, among other things. Humor also has several important stress relieving benefits for you all" So, this web site is my effort to all people in the world to make health benefits by watching very funny video collection.

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Item Title Hits
Don't Kick Me. It is so funny moment 546
The Huge Pyton in Malaysia more than 30 feet. No editing 1099
The Best Dolphins Performance Show 506
Very Funny Video, Mom and Child 911
Funny villager boy in action 2262
Very Funny Prank Video by Villager 3337
The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY 2288
Richard Simmons on whose line 2347
Roller Coaster Accident Crazy Duck 1903
Very Unlucky Man in The World 2109
Gamarjobat Perfomance Show 1758
Funny Yamaha Advertisement 3458
Ustaz Azhar Idrus Drive Ferrari 7796
Amazing Thailand's Got Talent 2950
Funny Monkey 2469
Missile Fail - Funny Soldier 2248
Craziest Field Crashers 2258
Funniest Soccer Goal Celebration 2065
Funny Monkey 3027
funny bag 2043
Funny Video Car Crash Prank 2234
Farting in Library 2722
Tips for Hair removal 2877
Best Pranks of 2009 2105
A Policeman's Prank 2061
Monkey Joking With Dog 2435
Structured Insurance Settlement 2011
Idiot of the Day: Gas Pump Guy 2606
Idiot of the Year 2508
One Man Show:One Cool Cop 2484
Scary Girl 7268
Movies In Minutes - Titanic 3183
This advertisement has won 8 awards 2385
It happens only in INDIA 2315
funniest commercial video 2359
Viagra 2398
Ice Cream Man 2367
Just For Fun Arab 2582
Baby Laughing 2268
World's Funniest Car TV Commercials 2149
It happens only in INDIA 2287
Electrocuted Dog Prank 1973
Electric Prank 2301
Only in India and Other Country 2237
Funny Guy : Excercise Machine 2322
Funny in Bangalore 3128
Banned Commercials 2058
Little Kid Parallel Parking 2377
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