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Insane Street Bike Stunts

  • Scenes from Judgment Day, thanks guys!!!! 

Dome of the mosque fly

  • It was in Kailolo, Pulau Haruku, Maluku Tengah, Indonesia, and the dome was about to be placed on top of a mosque tower, it flew by itself and landed on top of the tower where it supposed to be placed. Subhanallah. Indonesia TV news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flw3l0ejcYA

President Bush cannot speak to the public and journalist

  • President United States, Bush cannot speak to the public and journalist.

Amazing Picture All Around The World

  • This video show Amazing Picture Around The World 

An amazing video on David Copperfield

  • we all know they are tricks. that is why it is called a performance. if all you can do is sit here going how fake. there is more to it then that. it is a show. that is what people go to see. i love watching him do his shows. i know they are all tricks. and slight of hand. but come on it is a good show. that is why I like it.

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