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Mar 03, 2011 at 02:34 PM


Before you watch this video try guess, Electric car vs Ferrari, who's wil win?

So they electric car may have a huge market out there. Many among you have more than 1 car in the family. Well, the electric car aims? at being that 2nd car, the one you will use to go to work or supermarket. Why would you take your BMW to go to work everyday (and then need to buy a new one every 3-4 years or something)? Why would you risk your beloved car to be scratched in a supermarket parking?... The EV will play that role so that to keep your beloved car for the weekends


Renault -? the first of the big manufacturers to launch a whole range of EVs - took the decision to invest in electric vehicules when it did a long survey that found out that 88% of drivers drive their cars less than 50km/day, with an average speed of 40km/hr while 90% of the day cars are simply stationed (probably in your private or rented parking or in the parking at work or supermarket). 25% of cars have passed 95% of their kilometric life doing small city distances.

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