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Jan 17, 2011 at 11:00 PM


Who's got two thumbs and needs glasses to see 3D? Not this guy! Francois Vogel's figured out a way to remove those pesky spectacles from the equation, and he's ready to revolutionize the stereoscopic industry forever. Sure, you'll need a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate, but that's a prerequisite these days anyhow, and the rest is sweet, sticky gravy dished directly to your eyeballs. Get a sneak peek at the game-changing tech in the video above, and keep an eye out for unicorns (we're sure they're around here somewhere). You'll never look at 3D the same way again, we promise.

Nice. Does it come? with spare eyelids? :)

Jonathan Post Experiment present by Francois. a new technology for 3D screens without glasses!
This system works only on 120Hz monitor displays. It simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses. I hope to have a final version for CES 2012. For further information, contact me at

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