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Written by Hot Video   
Feb 09, 2010 at 05:07 PM


Brilliant tricks! However, the first one where he used a semi-opaque "blackboard" sort of frame... It gave it away at 0:25... Great trick, yes, but notice the lights behind the black screen disappear while? he's not even over that part of the screen.

He should have used something a little more opaque, but I can see why he did it that way. Makes people think "wow, we didn't see anything in behind", well you did actually ^_^

At 0:19 the girl sneaks behind the picture frame and stand by while? the first picture was placed on the floor, then the magician removed the first to the side to show that nothing is behind and distracted the audiance, as soon as the magician finished the drawing, he triggered the switch so that the picture will roll up quikly, the second picture is retractable..........
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