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Jan 14, 2010 at 05:51 PM


---------Stalking Cat-------------
Dennis Avner (born in Flint, Michigan August 27, 1958) of Tonopah, Nevada, United States, is widely known as the "Catman", though he prefers his Native American name, Stalking Cat. Stalking Cat has spent considerable resources to surgically modify his body to resemble that of a tiger.

---------Worlds Heaviest Man-------------
Manuel Uribe Garza (born June 11, 1965) is a man from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and was one of the heaviest people

in medical history. After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg (1,316 lbs) and being unable to leave his bed since

2001, Uribe lost considerable weight with the help of doctors and nutritionists, and by following the Zone diet.

Erik Sprague (born June 12, 1972, Fort Campbell, KY [1]) better known as The Lizardman, is a freak show and sideshow

performer, best known for his body modification, including his sharpened teeth, full-body tattoo of green scales,

bifurcated tongue, and recently, green-inked lips. He has stated an ambition to get a tail transplant.

---------Worlds Biggest Arms-------------
The last measurement of Greg Valentino's arms put them at over 28 inches...and still growing! Greg trains heavy. Not only

does he focus on his biceps and triceps but he can bench 550lbs on a decline. Greg Valentino is certainly a strong man

all over. Obviously Greg has been taking steriods for quite some time. He admits this in his regular column in the Muscle

development magazine. His column is called "Ramblin Freak, the biggest bicep muscles in the world".

---------Worlds Longest FIngernails-------------
Lee Redmond lives in Salt Lake City, USA. She hasnt cut her nails since 1979, has grown and carefully manicured them to

reach a total length of 7 m 51.3 cm.
Lee Redmond holds the record in the Guinness World Records for longest fingernails on both hands. And she is considered

by many to be the Queen of long nails. Lee Redmond nails measure are:
On the right hand, longest nail is Thumb 76.4 cm.
On the left hand, longest nail is Thumb 80 cm.

At the age of 15, Tom joined the Royal Navy and was stationed in Africa, where he lived for the next 30 years. He then

returned to the United Kingdom in March, 1985, with only $141 in his pocket. He decided to spend his savings on tattoos.

Tom went for his first set of tattoos in Brighton. The remaining coverage was the work of southwest-London artist Barry

Louvaine, who worked on Tom for six hours a week from January 1986 to March, 1987. He estimates that the tattoos cover

99.9% of his body and cost him approximately $7,054. The only parts of his body that remain free of tattoos are the

insides of his ears and the skin between his toes.

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