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Written by Hot Video   
Sep 17, 2009 at 05:01 PM


The reason they are safe is due to? its construction. The cylinders have a ring at the bottom of it made out of a thin sheet metal. when he throws it down the the impact is transfered to the sheet metal and since it is thin it gets deformed and so the impact on the cylinder is nullified..nothing risky. Well look close that sheet metal is not deformed after its thrown. Also that wouldn't prevent the tank from falling on its side either or near the valve.

All gas cylinders have that ring on the bottom but thats just so they stand up.And i doubt that company is going to be repairing? the rings every time they are returned...

Wow this? shows indian gas cylinders are tough. Amazing thing isthere areno accident by gas cylinders up to now. Good work. It is happen only in India.

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