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Written by Hot Video   
Oct 11, 2009 at 12:22 AM


The photoshopper could have fixed that also. All he needed was? to add a little gloss and a light flare on the eye, and they would have looked so much better. But yeah, the lifelessness you speak of came from him resizing the eyes, not once, but twice. He should have resized once, used the sharpen brush, and then added a flare or two. Its funny cause our computer tech teacher showed us this video as an example of what photoshop can do before? we started using it. NiceI think that we, i mean? women are smarter than guys about this. Guys slobber for every girl that they see on the magazines,like if those girls were realy that perfect, and actually, most of the times is all Photoshop...Wake up!!This should be required viewing for all Teens and Young Adults

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