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Sep 17, 2009 at 05:27 PM


World´s Strangest People: The Zombie Boy
Meet Rick. He's turning himself into a zombie. So far, more than 24 hours of tattoos --costing over $4,075 Canadian dollars-- have got him halfway there and made him a minor celebrity on the internet, where people cant decide if hes a body modification visionary or mentally ill sicko.

World´s Strangest People: The Enigma
You've probably heard about The Enigma. Paul Lawrence is the guy with blue puzzle pieces tattooed all over his body who has made a name for himself performing stunts such as sword swallowing, pushing a moving power drill up his nose and swallowing various liquids, pumping them out of his stomach and swallowing them again. The Enigma is also an accomplished musician.

World´s Strangest People: The Unstoppable
With a name like unstoppable youd be stupid to give up on the modifications after a couple of earrings. this guy has surely the largest nostrils in the western world (if you look closely im almost certain you can see his brain) plus a huge array of other body mods to his name including scars cut into his cheeks and forehead, a split tongue, domes implanted under the skin of his forehead and many many more

World´s Strangest People: The Living Art
Etienne Dumont is an art & culture critic for a newspaper in Geneva who just happens to be covered head to toe in some of the most vibrant tattoos ever mande. He also has silicon implants under the skin which give the horned appearance, 2.7 inch rings in each earlobe and plexiglass piercings through the nose and under his bottom lip. And he claims to wear his tattoos like art.

World´s Strangest People: The Zebraman
A professional freak and sideshow performer, Horace Ridler exhibited himself as The Great Omi or The Zebra Man. Horace was an English aristocrat who returned from the First World War to Twenties' London where he began his transformation into one of the world's greatest oddities. Tattooed from head to foot in black and white stripes, he became Omni - the Zebra Man. As the years wore on the Omis appearance became more and more outrageous as did his personality. He took to wearing lipstick and nail polish and signed his pitch cards, the Barbaric Beauty. Despite his appearance, underneath it all, Im just an ordinary man, he insisted shortly before his death in 1969.

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