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Written by Hot Video   
Aug 11, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Unfortunately Phidias' reputation is also blackened in this documentary. We are told at 2:09 at Phidias was accused of embezzlement. History tells? us, though, that he could account for the gold used to make the statue since he'd 'foreseen' this so he made the parts of gold dismantled and could be weighed. Thus, he was acquitted. What he was accused of was that he represented his image and Pericles' in his work and this was considered a sacrilege! (This fact is not mentioned here)

It is incorrect to call the Marbles? from the Parthenon, which were violently taken down, Elgin Marbles as the narrator calls them at 0:52. They were never his and this lord was nothing but a thief who took advantage of the regime of the time to satiate his greed! and deprive the Greeks of their rightful heritage!!!

Very impressive documentary, however, there? are certain flaws, such as the stadium shown to represent Olympia's stadium. In fact, the stadium shown is the one at Delphi situated at the top of the sanctuary. Olympia's stadium is more open and ample allowing more than 40,000 spectators.

Heres my belief. thousands and thousands of years ago a secret priesthood with incredible knowledge created what we call civilization. and then they? give us these gods to worship, who are really infact the very priests themselves. zeus was probably one of those red headed cave people.

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