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The Longest fuel truck in the world - 5 Star Print E-mail
Written by Hot Video   
Jul 30, 2009 at 02:20 PM


Thats the Shell road train in Western Australia. I was overtaken by? it once and I was doing 135kph. Man that think moves some air. Here in the united states we allow triples trailer which are 26? or 27 feet in length on toll roads only not freeways. On regular highways (insterstates, non toll roads we allow double trailers and 53 ft trailers.

Well even though its alot he just has a lot of gas containers.? Although thats a very bad idea to have that many. Mistake can turn that into a bomb. But thats because he is taking the staight aways. One more thing, its not the biggest in the world. The truck is the front part, Technically u are wrong.

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