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Jun 15, 2009 at 09:21 AM


Sathya Sai Baba have more than 50 to 100 million followers around the world. The followers believe he have a miracles but it is a magic trick. It is amazing huge followers and with magic trick.

Full video trick reveal about Sathya Sai Baba magic trick.

Before you start reading below note, watch at least the first 10 minutes of the next video - paying close attention to all detail, reserving particular attention for the protagonist's body language.

A leading Indian Weekly noted that the person's middle name could be "controversy" - and yet the confounded devotees remain in the dark as to what they are. Each time a wretchedness of this thing comes to light, not willing to accept that they, along with their families, have been utterly fooled, they invent some far-fetched excuse for the person's actions. The purpose of this post is bring facts about the person to the reader's attention. If you have come to think of this person as a deity as hundreds of thousands of confounded, unsuspecting innocents have, it is my sincere hope that you will pay careful attention to the facts; carefully and rationally weigh the evidence and then arrive at your own conclusion.

The so called miracles

 The corner stone of every devotee's belief in this thing is what they call "miracles". In the past few years, dozens of videos have come out bringing to light how this person does all of his so-called miracles. The above video presents to you a few of them - searching with a phrase like 'sai baba fake' on, say, metacafe.com, will take you to a dozen more. Long before many of these videos came out many ex-devotees - many of them in Sathya Sai Baba's closest circle, published exposes of how the person pulls of his tricks. Given below is an excerpt from 'The Findings', a document published by two close-circle devotees, authors of three books on Sathya Sai Baba and whose marriage was conducted by Sathya Sai Baba.  

  "During darshan, Sai Baba carries vibhuti in tablet form between the third and fourth fingers of his right hand, with spare tablets in the hand holding up his robe. He crushes a tablet when required, and transfers tablets during the taking of letters. I have watched this happen innumerable times. "

  "Vibhuti tablets explain why vibhuti distribution runs out in the interview room before everyone has had some. All powder vibhuti is produced by roasting cow dung with sandal wood, and manufactured vibhuti bought elsewhere, is then double sieved by ladies of the ashram seva dal, before being packaged for interview room distribution. Use of vibhuti on open wounds consistently causes infection in them; a fact commented by Faye to me when she was called to deal with people having these infections in the ashram."

'The Findings', which contains testimony from several people who had once held top posts in Sathya Sai Baba's organization, of is a document worth studying in its entirety for anyone interested in knowing the truth about the baba.


Now to address the question of how stories of these miracles perpetrate. 


  * Sathya Sai Baba constantly encourages his devotees, especially innocent, unsuspecting foreigners, to write books praising him. He or people in his close-circle narrate stories, they are further plumped up by the author's own imagination and that gets published. Those who read such stuff believe it and then further spread such stories.
  * There is a major village industry built around this person. Many there, including the police are aware - but they are financially dependent on Sathya Sai Baba's popularity. The place was once a village, now there is a small godman industry running there. Ensuring Sathya Sai Baba's popularity is the same for them as ensuring their daily bread. Trinkets engineered to gradually produce ash on contact with air, fake miracle set-ups to attract tourists are all part of the show. Combine with this the air created by a couple of thousands of sincerely deceived innocents - the smoke screen thus created becomes pretty hard to see through.
  * Then there are stories of miracles in houses etc. In the very majority of cases these are creations of extremely clouded minds . 
  * Further, what these spiritually ignorant people fail to understand is supernatural powers do not, in any way mean divinity. Absolute demons can have minor supernormal abilities, through which they can confound people's thinking, appear in dreams etc. When you pray to such a demon for material benefits - it takes things from your spiritual bodis - weakening you fundamentally and irreversibly, while taking up your energy to ensure its survival. Why do you think it encourages you to keep praying to it? Write letters for material benefits etc? Why do you think it asks you engage in ritual worship to it? The purpose is literally to feed on your spiritual bodies. 
  * Those with Divine abilities can see that the person is, in reality, a python that was brought here from the 17th level of Hell. It retains those elements, of a python, in its wretched appearance even now. Those who pray to it, think of it as their god etc. - will have to go with it to where it came from, upon their death. The entity was brought here to take down those who pray in greed, who see spirituality as a tool for achieving material benefits. etc. That such things can manifest in this period of time is a result of humanity's spiritual degeneration.
  * Those who worship the thing for long will find themselves, psychologically and emotionally being weakened, and physically becoming degenerate - step by step. 

Here I quote a section from a scholarly analysis of the issue, By Prof. Bayerstein, which throws a lot of light on how these stories of miracles are created. A story was spread among devotees of Sathya Sai Babathat a Mr Cowan was miraculously restored to life by Sathya Sai Baba. Mr Cowan's attending physician Dr Vaz was, to put in the doctors own words, 'suprised' that such a story spread - for Mr Cowan never had died and had never even approached death. His letter clarifying can be read below and is extremely interesting.

  Chevalier Dr. O.G.C. Vaz, K.S.G., M.B.B.S.,D.G.O.


  Mr. B. Premanand,

  Dear Sir,

  This is in reply to your letter dated 8.7.'88.

  Mr. Walter R. Cowan was under my treatment for his illness you refer to from 25th Dec. '71. I was called to see him in the early hours of the morning at the Connemara Hotel. He was complaining of some difficulty in breathing and pain in the chest. He was perfectly conscious in bed. At no stage had I pronounced him dead then or later. I advised him to be admitted to Lady Wellington Nursing Home for observation, investigation and treatment andaccordingly he was admitted there. With medication in the Nursing Home, he showed rapid improvement. That morning Mrs. Cowan requested me whether there was any objection for Sai Baba, his spiritual guru to pray for him in the room for which I said he was most welcome and I was there when Sai Baba was offering prayers. Mr. Cowan was conscious then and also right through.

  I am surprised at the story that has gone round that he was dead at the Hotel itself and his dead body was taken for admission to the Lady Willingdon Nursing Home and was admitted there. No Hospital or Nursing Home will ever admit a person after his death and his dead body will not be accepted into the Ward. So the question of my informing the American Embassy or the Health Authorities did not arise at all. As a matter of fact, I had enquiries about him from several persons who came to interview me personally on this subject and who had taped down the interview. They had been emphatically given the correct version that Mr. Cowan was not dead at all at any stage and he also had a normal recovery here.

  Yours faithfully,


  Dr. Vaz

 A few more issues I'd like you to think about:

  * Why does Sathya Sai Baba holds his hand just below the face level of the audience when doing so called creation of ash? Of course, it is to hide the ash-pill from the audience’s view.
  * Why does he cover his face with a cloth each time he fakes a “lingam materialization” from his mouth? Indeed, it is to get the artifact, already hidden in the cloth, into his mouth.
  * Why would any diety come here and go around fooling people with cheap tricks while collecting huge amounts of money from those deceived? Humanity's suffering has to do with its own karma - when heaven wants change, changes happen in no time. No deity comes here to do such cheap tricks and collect huge amounts of cold hard cash under the cloak of charity.

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