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This web site consists of most amazing video, unbelievable video and all best video in the world. This video collection is filter by our staff, to make sure, only the best of the best amazing video will place under this web site. (http://www.very-funny-video.com). I start create this web site because before this I want looking the amazing video in youtube. It is just for fun. My problem is, after I filter the best rate for amazing video, most of the time it is not amazing video, So I take a lot of time to searching another video and waste my time. So I belief, if I can take a time to sorting only the best of the best video inside my web site, It will help the world from waste a time to watching what they are looking for. This web site have 4 star, 5 star and 6 star rate. You can use Filter box to find the Star rate. If you type 6 Star under filter box and enter it is the most amazing video in the world. You will amaze with that video. I hope you all enjoy watching amazing video collection in the world under my web site. And don't forget tell to your friend about this web site, share your amazing video with you friend.  You can look at this most  funny video in the world(6 Star Rating). Have a fun and enjoy your self.


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Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe Hot Video 9065
Car Crash compilation Hot Video 7036
Moto Bike Freestyle World Championship Hot Video 6691
Awesome Bicycle Stunts Hot Video 7669
Sepak takraw Final Thailand - Malaysia Hot Video 8033
Amazing Boarding Train Hot Video 6814
Amazing Train Ride Hot Video 7055
Financial Crisis Zimbabwe Hot Video 7022
Parrot which is smarter than humans Hot Video 6773
Michael Jackson Birthday Hot Video 7812
Light shirts - 5 Star Hot Video 7215
New technology hologram - 5 Star Hot Video 7043
New technology for parking bicycles - 5 Star Hot Video 6829
Did You Know? - 5 Star Hot Video 7289
New Sony Technology - 5 Star Hot Video 6842
Tsunami Hot Video 7162
Amazing Japanese Fake Pool - 5 Star Hot Video 7208
Worlds biggest wave ever surfed - 6 Star Hot Video 7116
Incredible Video Tsunami - 5 Star Hot Video 7076
Flying Shelves - 4 Star Hot Video 7113
Huge Fish - 6 Star Hot Video 7535
The World's Most Dangerous Hike - 5 Star Hot Video 7383
Snake with human head - 4 Star Hot Video 7513
Microsoft Surfacesoft Surface - 4 Star Hot Video 7258
Train vs Car - 5 Star Hot Video 7451
The Real Ghost Video - 5 Star Hot Video 16442
Exotic Bikes - 5 Star Hot Video 8041
Bike drifting redefined - 5 Star Hot Video 7030
Motorbike Drifting - 6 Star Hot Video 7074
Human Treeman stops turning into a tree - 5 Star Hot Video 7199
Supercar Hits 1149km/h New world Record - 4 Star Hot Video 7044
Great Italian Motorbike Display - 4 Star Hot Video 7027
Cigarette Motorbike - 4 Star Hot Video 6852
Sweet Motorbike Tricks - 5 Star Hot Video 6779
India's air powered motorbike - 5 Star Hot Video 6954
Rock climbing like a Monkey - 5 Star Hot Video 8201
TGV world train speed record - 5 Star Hot Video 7479
Usain Bolt - 9:58 - 100m - New World Record - Berlin 2009 - 5 Star Hot Video 7282
Top 10: Magic Johnson Assists - 5 Star Hot Video 7155
BMW k1200s acceleration from 0-280 - 5 Star Hot Video 7602
Suzuki Hayabusa with Turbo Vmax 390kmh - 5 Star Hot Video 12276
World's smallest pistol - 5 Star Hot Video 7736
Safe Saw - 4 Star Hot Video 7018
Drawing Illusion - 6 Star Hot Video 7090
World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion - 4 Star Hot Video 6900
Bandsaw Magic - 4 Star Hot Video 6993
Largest Aquarium Tank in the World - 5 Star Hot Video 7159
2 rubik's cubes at once - 5 Star Hot Video 7212
Unlucky Bike Race Near Finish Line - 5 Star Hot Video 6792
One in a million chance - 5 Star Hot Video 7329
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    SASUKE is a Japanese sports entertainment television special in which 100 competitors attempt to complete a four stage obstacle course. An edited version, renamed Ninja Warrior, is screened in at least 18 other countries.

    Filmed on location at Midoriyama, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, it airs on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) between Japanese television drama seasons. Each 3-hour special covers an entire competition. There have been 24 specials, approximately one new special per season (twice per year). The show is produced by Monster9 and is one of the spin-offs of Muscle Ranking , another sports entertainment competition (which currently airs on G4 under the name Unbeatable Banzuke). Until the 10th Competition, Sasuke was broadcast as a special part of Muscle Ranking but became an independent program when Muscle Ranking was discontinued. The first competition was held indoors, marking the only time Sasuke did not take place outside. Competitions generally start in the daytime and continue, rain or shine or into the darkness, until completed.

    There have been several programs related to Sasuke. Kunoichi, perhaps the most well-known spin off, is a version of Sasuke restricted to female competitors only. There have also been special competitions for children and the elderly.[citation needed]

    Through an interview or audition as well as trial rounds to test physical ability, the field of applicants is narrowed to 100 who will be allowed to compete in the 1st Stage. Sasuke consists of four stages of increasing difficulty; competitors must complete a stage to advance. For the purposes of fairness, a 1200-meter run was held before the 18th tournament.[clarification needed] This run determined the competitors' starting positions. Each competition is taped prior to the air date and broadcast as a 3-hour show edited for time.

    An online game based on the show has been made by G4 in the United States and is available on the network's website.

    Source: wikipedia


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